Beck, Perry, And Obama–Two Out Of Three Will Be Depicted As Fascists If Their Arm Goes About Horizontal
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Buzzfeed has a post that says
Memo To Rick Perry: Don’t Hold Your Arm Like That
Especially at a podium with a microphone. I mean seriously. Don’t even let your arm do that for a second. Not even one second.
This is what they’re talking about:

The Onions Caption is The latest pink-faced half-wit.In a post  called The Beck-Obama Salute, I mentioned an Onion attack on Glen Beck illustrated with a picture of Beck apparently giving a Fascist or Nazi salute, I wrote that  “There’s nothing that can be done about this-it is literally impossible for a public figure not to be photographed in that position. See the photograph of the President receiving an honorary degree below.”
In fact, although I didn’t want to mention it at the time, this is one attack John McCain is immune to–during his time as a POW, he was injured so badly by North Vietnamese torturers that it’s physically impossible for him to raise his arm above the shoulder.
Obama does the same thing, as much as anyone, but he’s not surrounded by reporters trying to catch him in that position.


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