Be Our Guest! Special Thank-You Event at Berkeley Castle
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Two years ago,’s PayPal account—the account we used for all of our online donations—was suspended with no warning, and no explanation. This happens every day, to patriots all over the country.

At the time of our suspension, readers like you were giving more than $10,000 per month in recurring online donations. All of that revenue was wiped out, and we have never successfully rebuilt it.

Censorship, deplatforming and political suppression make it harder and harder for immigration patriots to communicate, gather and live their daily lives without harassment. A clear-eyed look at the state of the Dissident Right today sees significant devastation.

Yet out of these ashes, rises: with the acquisition of the historic Berkeley Castle in West Virginia. Architecturally stunning, secured by a mountain on one side and a stone wall on the other, and less than two hours from Washington, DC, Berkeley Castle offers a new paradigm for immigration patriots: one of networking, strategizing, and, as local historian Frederick T. Newbraugh said, the “innocent and rational amusements for the polite who may assemble there.”

Having a space where we can meet and share ideas without fear of canceled contracts, doxing, or protests will make a difference so material it is hard to overstate.

And we can’t wait to open the doors to our friends and supporters.

It is in that spirit that we’re asking you to join in toward filling the monthly giving gap opened by our Paypal losses. Predictable, automatic donations help provide us the peace of mind that comes with reliable revenue.

And now, $100/mo donors will receive a special invitation to an exclusive Thank You Event at the Berkeley Castle!

Making a monthly gift is a great choice, and it’s easy to sign up. Just visit the donation page here or click the link below, indicate the amount you’d like to donate, and check the box "Make this a recurring monthly payment." is celebrating its 20th year in fighting to keep America American. We’re readying the castle. And we want to see you there!


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