Basketball Scandal: Did Any WHITE Coaches Take Bribes?
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The US Attorney's office and the FBI are announcing a a major crime investigation into corruption and bribe taking in college basketball. Named, and apparently charged Auburn Assistant Coach Chuck Persons, above, and Rashan Michel, a former NCAA official and owner of a bespoke clothing firm in Atlanta, pictured right.

Also charged, USC coach Tony Bland.

This is Tony Bland.

I don't know if any white coaches are involved in this, but here's the roundup, via NBC:

The four assistant coaches were identified as Lamont Evans of Oklahoma State University, Chuck Person of Auburn University, Emanuel Richardson of Arizona University, and Anthony Bland of the University of Southern California.

4 NCAA Basketball Coaches Charged With Taking Bribes by Tom Winter, Tracy Connor and Kalhan Rosenblatt,  September 26,017

The complaint against Chuck Persons  and Rashan Michel [PDF] says, among other things, that there's a fortune available to any sports agent who can bribe a coach to influence an NCAA player to sign up with him:

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