Barbara Boxer—Case Study Of Democratic Decline In Immigration Patriotism
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Senator Barbara Boxer (D.-CA) is retiring and immigration patriots can only say good riddance.  Yet there was a time when Barbara Boxer actually spoke about topics like border security and sealing the border with Mexico.  [Homegrown Pressures for Reform, by Elias Castillo, Social Contract Press, Spring 1995]

In 1996, Boxer voted for the Hatch Amendment (along with everyone else) which increased interior enforcement. [U.S. Senate Roll Call Votes 104th Congress - 2nd Session, United States Senate] Boxer also voted against the Abraham Amendment that same year, which would have scrapped a voluntary workplace verification program. [Senator Barbara Boxer Grade Scoresheet, NumbersUSA, cited January 8, 2015]

Even when accusing Gov. Pete Wilson of "hatred" for using the immigration issue back in 1993, Boxer attacked Wilson from the right for being a proponent of "cheap labor" who was flip flopping on the issue. She also called for the National Guard to be sent to the border. At the same time, Boxer's fellow Senator Diane Feinstein was advocating a $1 "toll" to cut down on border crossings.  [Democrats' Ad Attacks Wilson on Immigration: Politics: Party leaders say they are responding to the governor's tough talk last week on policies regarding illegals.  The TV spot says he has done a flip-flop on the issue since his Senate days, by Dan Morain and Dianne Klein, Los Angeles Times, August 18, 1993]

Meanwhile, now Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid was pointing out that "no sane country" would give the children of illegal aliens birthright citizenship.

By 2006, Boxer was snorting disdainfully that people who wanted English as the official language of the country were "insecure."  As Steve Sailer then observed,

Much of what passes for “debate” over immigration and the national question consists of this kind of posturing intended to suggest that the speaker is so rich, powerful, talented, and all-around superior that he or she can afford to be utterly insouciant about any conceivable side-effect of immigration.

By 2010, Boxer wouldn't even talk about border security unless it was linked to an Amnesty/Immigration Surge. [Transcript: KPCC debate between California Senate candidates Barbara Boxer and Carly Fiorina, KPCC, September 30, 2010]

What changed?  After the courts blocked Prop 187, it was clear that California politics would be dominated by a new coalition between a growing Hispanic underclass and a socially liberal elite that benefited from cheap labor and Balkanized politics. "Cheap labor" became a feature, not a bug, within Democratic politics. Boxer and other leading Democrats simply transferred their loyalty from American workers to their plutocratic friends and subsidized multicultural allies. [Bay lawmakers among wealthiest, by Zachary Colie, San Francisco Gate, June 26, 2004]

Again, our political leaders actively benefit from social dysfunction and importing new problems.

Nowadays, opposition to mass immigration is smeared as "extremist" or "far right." is always charged with being a "hate site" or "white nationalist." But opposing what is obviously a harmful policy for all Americans of whatever race isn't extreme or hateful. Just ask any of these leading Democrats. Before they sold their soul to the cheap labor lobby of course.

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