Baltimore Is Blowback
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“Blowback” is a term from covert operations:

Blowback is unintended consequences of a covert operation that are suffered by the aggressor. To the civilians suffering the blowback of covert operations, the effect typically manifests itself as “random” acts of political violence without a discernible, direct cause; because the public—in whose name the intelligence agency acted—are unaware of the effected secret attacks that provoked revenge (counter-attack) against them. …

In formal print usage, the term blowback first appeared in … the CIA’s internal history of the 1953 Iranian coup d’état, sponsored by the US and UK, which was published in March 1954. Blowback from this operation would indeed occur with the Iranian Revolution and the Iran hostage crisis.

But Blowback can be aptly applied to describe the various riots and race murders stimulated by the overt operations of the Holder Justice Department, the Soros-related networks, and their national media allies. Commenter MLK notes:
The Baltimore riots are an example of Blowback.

The Obama Administration and national Democrats exploited first Zimmerman/Martin, then Ferguson, for partisan gain. The MSM was for the most part on the team.

Rather obviously, they didn’t want social unrest in Baltimore any more than they did in New York City [with the December murder of two NYPD officers].

Importantly, if we only had Garner/NYC and Gray/Baltimore there wouldn’t be much to Notice or even criticize in official actions and words. Indeed, we would have been hopeful that the first black President’s appeals for calm, and expressions of confidence in local and state officials, would carry more weight than previous president’s had.

But that isn’t the whole story. We have Trayvon and Ferguson to consider.

Another example of overt operations blowback is how the Justice Department’s Campus Rape Culture jihad enabled the UVA Haven Monahan hoax in Rolling Stone.

A distinction that intermittently exists between blowback from covert White House operations and blowback from overt White House operations is that the embarrassing blowback to the Administration’s public propaganda campaigns about white racism murdering black baby bodies and white fraternity boys running amok comes not from the victims of the operations, as in Iran, but from the intended beneficiaries and sympathizers, such as black criminals in Baltimore and Jackie and Sabrina at UVA.

The blowback besetting the Obama Administration today is more like the Osama blowback: the CIA aided and flattered a bunch of Islamic nuts to go war on Godlessnessism in Afghanistan, and bin Laden took it seriously and kept going. Similarly, in the Obama Administration’s war on Straight White Maleism that it geared up to get re-elected, urban arsonists and campus rape hoaxers are just going a little too far on momentum for ideal PR for the White House.

On the other hand, we actually won over Communism. The news media is no longer full of articles about nuclear war fighting strategies because, thankfully, it’s not a major concern any longer. But what would the Obama Administration’s final victory over the menace of Straight White Maleism actually look like?

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