Bad Samaritans On Immigration: Too Much Christian Emotionalism
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Doing the unpleasant work Treason Lobby types always dodge, Allan Wall dealt today with the self-indulgent and viciously destructive posturing by clergymen in Alabama about the effort by the citizens of that state to protect themselves against the immigration inundation.

To those Christians troubled by the foolish statements of their leaders I once again commend the great work earlier this summer by the Dow Blog, which I reported in Southern Baptist Treason: The Dow Blog Deals With The Theology

 This addressed a particularly silly article by Dr Russell Moore, Dean of the School of Theology at The Southern Baptist Seminary.

Subsequently I was pleased that (perhaps because of our complaints) Dr Moore’s blog did eventually post the Dow Blog comments. But he has not actually replied to the Dow Blog arguments.

Instead Dr Moore has posted Good News for Russia’s Orphans July 14th 2011 which amongst other things discusses the joy he feels over having been able to adopt two Russian little boys:

We in the Moore family have a stake in this. Two of us are Russian by birth; the rest of us are Russian by adoption. When Ben and Timothy came into our home, the rest of us were tied, inextricably, with what the Apostle Paul would call our “kinsmen according to the flesh” (Rom. 9:3).

My heart, for informed reasons, goes out to any couple cursed with infertility. But as Peter Brimelow has repeatedly said, emotionalism is no basis for immigration policy.

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