B & N Scraps "Blacks On Covers Of White Classics" Plan—People Complained They Were Still White On The Inside
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The Great Replacement of white authors and their stories of fictional people by putting primarily black people on the cover of reprints of their books has been declared insufficiently woke. Why even celebrate white authors at all, regardless of if the characters they long ago created as fictional white individuals are reimagined as primarily black characters?

UPDATE: Barnes & Noble cancels launch of classic novels with new covers following online backlash, AMYNY.com, February 5, 2020

Barnes & Noble has shelved their plans to release a collection of classic books with new “culturally diverse” covers following internet backlash.

Penguin Random House and Barnes & Noble Fifth Avenue had originally up to give twelve classic young adult novels new covers, known as “Diverse Editions.” The books were meant hit the shelves on Feb. 5, and the books were to be on display in their massive storefront throughout the month of February. Barnes & Noble Fifth Avenue was also supposed to host a launch event to celebrate the release.

Each title had five culturally diverse custom covers designed to ensure the recognition, representation, and inclusion of various multiethnic backgrounds reflected across the country. The new covers are a part of a new initiative to champion diversity in literature.

Following the news of the new covers, many Twitter users expressed their anger and disappointment over the situation, citing that a better option would have been to promote authors of color.

Screw the idea of insulting white authors long dead by replacing their work about fictional white people with images of non-whites (primarily blacks)! After all, we have plenty of obviously mediocre non-white authors (primarily black) ready and willing to jump up to the literary plate on the on-deck circle to replace these overrated white authors!

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