AZ Governor Jan Brewer Rebounds—Are GOP Hacks Watching?
Thumb peterbrimelow
May 20, 2010, 09:35 PM
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Rasmussen Report just released this poll:

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, following her signing and passionate defense of the state’s new immigration law, now claims 45% of the vote in the state’s Republican Primary field. That’s a 19-point gain from a month ago and puts her well ahead of all her challengers...

In March, Brewer, Martin and Mills [her opponents] were in a three-way tie, each attracting about 20% of GOP voters....

In late April, 64% of Arizona voters supported the new immigration law despite criticism of it by President Obama and others. Among GOP voters, support stood at 87%.

Brewer`s revival seems to be almost a repeat of California Governor Pete Wilson`s 1994 resurrection after he embraced Proposition 187 and parallels Steve Poizner`s current dramatic surge in the California gubernatorial primary. (All otherwise "moderate" figures, interestingly.) As this happens again and again, even GOP campaign consultants will get the message. Maybe.