Austin Columnist:"Retain The Best Elements Of Being A Sanctuary City"
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If managed properly, sanctuary cities can have a silver lining. Really. So says a starry-eyed columnist in Austin, Texas, which is a de facto sanctuary city. After recounting the tragic execution-style murders of three young people in Neward, N. J., Alberta Phillips (e-mail) wraps up her call for tougher law enforcement against criminal illegal aliens this way:

I'm not ready to throw out the sanctuary policy entirely. The question we need to answer is how we retain the best elements of being a sanctuary city without sacrificing public safety, "Phillips: Our sanctuary city must not serve as a haven for criminals," by Alberta Phillips, Austin American-Statesman, Sept. 16.

Memo to Ms. Phillilps: I was waiting for you to identify these "best elements" but came away disappointed when you didn't. Would they perhaps include fewer jobs for your city's legal residents, depressed wages, overcrowded schools and hospital emergency rooms, worsening traffic congestion, environmental degradation, etc., etc.?

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