Aunt Zeituni Update: Back in Boston
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The Boston Globe reports that President Obama’s aunt, Zeituni Onyango, has left Cleveland and is back in Boston, preparing for her April 1st immigration hearing. According to the Globe, the presiding judge in the case rejects 68% of the asylum requests he hears. The hearing will be closed to the public.

I originally thought that Aunt Zeituni was certain to be granted asylum despite her claim being obviously phony. Now, however, I wonder if Obama may allow his aunt to be deported in order to appear tough on immigration — "throwing his aunt under the bus", to paraphrase Steve Sailer.

Picture it: In response to every claim that President Obama is lax on immigration enforcement, the Democrats will say "President Obama has a clear record of support for immigration enforcement. He didn’t even intervene when his own aunt was deported..."

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