Audacious Epigone: Most Whites Know Diversity! Is Inherently Anti-White (And Substantial Numbers Of Non-Whites Do, Too)
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From an extensive YouGov poll conducted earlier this week comes the following gem:

Fewer than one-in-five (18%) of respondents answered "not sure". Those responses are excluded above.


A few other comments:

  • Some 89% of Trump voters view Israel as either an "ally" or "friendly" to the US. Just 5% view it as an "enemy" or "unfriendly". The optimal rhetorical approach for our side to take is one of emulating Israel, not of despising it.
  • Due to the vast racial differences in the under 30 and over 65 generational cohorts, these surveys would really benefit from breaking age groups down by race. The under 30 cohort is barely half (non-Hispanic) white, while the over 65 cohort is upwards of 90% white. This renders generational comparisons tough to gauge.
  • From a list of 15 issues, "immigration" and "the economy" tied for first among Trump voters (20% each). Immigration came in way ahead of the standard GOPe platform issues of yesterday like abortion, taxes, and foreign policy. Among the total population, immigration came in fourth (10%), behind social security (15%), health care (15%), and the economy (11%).

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