New York Times,Headlines, And Tom Tancredo
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This is from the New York Times's blog:

He wasn’t the only Republican who delved into the issue. Representative Tom Tancredo, a fierce opponent to amnesty for illegal aliens, made headlines – a rare event for him – by informing federal immigration services that undocumented foreigners would appear at a news conference today. Three illegal immigrants are to speak with Senator Dick Durbin, Democrat of Illinois, in support of a Senate bill to give legal status to those who finish high school or enroll in the military.The Early Word: Immigration Returns to the Stage - The Caucus - Politics - New York Times Blog

Here's my question—why is it a "rare occurrence" for Tancredo to make headlines, and whose decision is it? Assuming he doesn't drive off bridges like Ted Kennedy or dive under bathroom stalls like Larry Craig, then the number of headlines he makes in the Mainstream Media depends on the media's own prejudices. After all, Tancredo makes headlines at

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