Atlanta's White Lesbian Police Chief Finds She Has Insufficient Intersectional Pokemon Points
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From Gateway Pundit:

Atlanta Police Chief Resigns After Deadly Police Shooting of Black Man Resisting Arrest at Wendy’s Drive-Thru
By Kristinn Taylor
Published June 13, 2020 at 5:56pm

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms announced the resignation of police Chief Erika Shields Saturday afternoon after the deadly police shooting of Rayshard Brooks, 27, as he resisted arrest Friday night. Shields was appointed chief in December 2016 by then Mayor Kasim Reed after serving 21 years on the force. Shields was the first openly gay Atlanta police chief.

Police were called to a Wendy’s where they reportedly found Brooks passed out in his car in the drive-thru lane. Brooks allegedly failed a sobriety test and was seen on video resisting arrest by two officers who wrestled with him and lost control.

Brooks stole a Taser off one officer, was shot with another Taser as he fled but was fatally shot when he pointed the stolen Taser at a pursuing officer.

As you’ll recall, the Zeroth Amendment to the Constitution reads:

Congress shall make no law requiring a Black man to be arrested if he’s just not in the mood to be arrested.

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