At the Corner of Privilege Place and Race Road
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Should I buy on Race Road because it’s going to gentrify or should I sell on Privilege Place because it’s going to tip?

I was visiting the Museum of Man in the most spectacular building in San Diego’s Balboa Park.

And sure enough they have the race-does-not-exist touring exhibit that I was having fun at the expense of way back in 2004.

It was promoted by the former president of the American Association of Anthropology, Alan Goodman, who memorably explained:

“[Race] doesn’t exist biologically, but it does exist socially … Culturally I’m white-ified. People see me as white. That has something to do with how I look, but it has nothing to do with biological variation.”
Above left is a picture of Dr. Goodman, who looks pretty fly (for a white-ified guy).

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