At Last - Bachmann/Perry Immigration Contrast Gets Attention
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An independent Super Pac, Keep Conservatives United has started running ads in South Carolina outlining the jarring contrast between Michelle Bachmann’s immigration restraint credentials and Rick Perry’s consistent Open Borderism as Governor of Texas.

Pro-Bachmann PAC to air ad hitting Perry on illegal immigration by Josh Lederman The Hill 09/11/11.

 The Ad makes use of the devastating facts unearthed (I believe) by Politico,  that some of Perry’s wealthy backers explicitly credited Perry with  the failure of the overwhelmingly Republican Texan legislature to  take any action at all on the Texan Immigration disaster this past session. (Rick Perry's pro-immigration Texas base By Maggie Haberman 9/2/11) This answered the question I raised in July in Texan Plutocrats Nullify State Election, Protect Sanctuary Cities: Where Was Governor Perry?

 I note that while the initial comments on The Hill story were mainly Perry boosterism, there was a distinct later shift as Patriots found the article. These included a post from our old friend Deena Flinchum, refuting a brainless attempt to disparage E- Verify (which Bachmann supports and Perry has not):

"'Too bad Bachman's PAC doesn't realize that E-Verify means that every red-blooded American will be in a government database where we can all be tracked.

E-Verify is a very dangerous project.' Lou

The primary database underlying E-Verify is the same database that is used for SS and Medicare - both to collect FICA/Medicare payments and to pay benefits. E-Verify is only 'dangerous' to those who are working illegally in the US and to those who knowingly hire them. BY D Flinchum on 09/11/2011 at 17:33"

 Well done, Conservatives United.

 Now, will Michelle Bachmann actually follow through?

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