Assyrian Christians In Australia Riot After Stabbing At Church Service
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A ”15-year old” in Australia stabbed an Assyrian Christian bishop during a church service.

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Local Assyrians reacted by rioting, in a way that sounds like they were thinking of lynching the teen stabber:

Horrified worshipers watched in person and online as a 15-year-old boy stabbed a bishop and a priest during a church service in Sydney on Monday evening before the congregation overpowered him, police said.

A crowd of hundreds gathered outside the Orthodox Assyrian church, hurling bricks and bottles, injuring police officers and preventing them from taking the teen outside, officials said.

There were no life-threatening injuries. Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel and priest Isaac Royel, the teen and at least two police officers were hospitalized, Acting Assistant Police Commissioner Andrew Holland told journalists.

Horrified worshipers watch in person and online as a bishop is stabbed at a Sydney church, L.A. Times, April 15, 2024

It’s not clear whether the alleged injuries to the teen’s hand were caused in disarming him, or done deliberately:

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Police have stated that it was a ”religiously motivated” terror attack, which presumably means Muslim, though I don’t think they’re saying Muslim:

And the Assyrians are still either protesting, rioting, or possibly coming ”down like a wolf on the fold.”

Britain’s famously left-wing Guardian is being mocked online for referring to this as an alleged stabbing:

Assyrian/Iraqi/Chaldean Christians are famously tough— editor Peter Brimelow’s 1997 book Alien Nation referred to, among other groups of immigrant criminals, the

lesser-known communities like the Chaldeans, Iraqi Christians whose heroically run convenience stores in the Detroit ghetto are reportedly centers of criminal activity (narcotics, gambling, coupon fraud).

The problem for Australia is that they don’t just have one group of violent foreigners, they have two groups of violent foreigners who hate each other. Maybe they, and we, should have an Immigration Moratorium until everyone calms down.

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