Assimilation And Conflicting Loyalties
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Dr. Norm Matloff, below, discusses an argument between Ron Hira, [email him]who is an American citizen of Indian descent, but born in the US, and Vivek Wadhwa [Email him] who is an Indian immigrant. During this argument, reports Matloff:

"Vivek is an Indian immigrant, while Ron is the son of Indian immigrants, and many of Vivek’s comments, delivered in a quite pointed tone, had the theme that the TARP legislation was anti-Indian. Vivek hurled rather emotionally-toned remarks at Ron along the lines of, “Next, they’ll come after you!” And I suppose the implied subtext may also have been that Ron was somehow a traitor to Indian-Americans."

You can still watch the video here. Matloff goes on to make the point that Indian-Americans suffer more from H-1b visas than most people, and it's also true that Mexican-Americans tend to suffer more from illegal immigration than most Americans. Raymond Herrera is an immigration reform patriot in Arizona. He used to have a carpentry business.

But you see the point of Wadhwa's accusation–he saying that Hira's loyalty to America is disloyalty to his blood, represented by all those people in India looking for visas. He thinks it's wrong for Hira ever to put America first.

Richard Nadler accused conservative patriots like Pat Buchanan of wanting "an echo of the “conservatism” of the old world, built on blood and soil"–but that's what Wadhwa and the anti-deportation Hispanics want.The difference is that it's their blood and your soil.


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