As Usual, VDARE.COM Reporting Is Several Miles Ahead of the MSM
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Of all the incidents of mainstream media failure in the decade or so that I have been analyzing its stories, none is greater than the Washington Post’s 2001 total breakdown while pursing Chandra Levy’s killer. Levy had been California U.S. Representative Gary Condit’s intern.

The press in general, and the Post specifically, was so intent on defaming and ultimately convicting Condit of Levy’s killing that it completely ignored that the apparent actual killer, Salvadoran illegal alien and alleged MS-13 member Ingmar Guandique, was right under its nose. [Warrant Issued for Suspect in Levy Killing, by Sari Horowitz and Scott Higham, Washington Post, March 4, 2009] l

As usual, VDARE.COM is several miles ahead of the MSM in getting to the bottom of things.

At the risk of self-aggrandizement, I refer you to my October 17, 2008 column: The Condit Case Revisited: MSM Smeared Congressman—Ignored Illegal Alien Suspect.

If you missed it the first time around, read it now. And if you caught it back in October, re-read it to note its striking parallel to the headline news unfolding today and being presented to you as ”breaking news”.

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