As Predicted: Black Mass Shooting At DC Moechella Event In Honor Of Juneteenth
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Remember: if Washington DC had no black population, the city would have literally zero fatal or nonfatal shootings.


Literally none.

And at an event celebrating Juneteenth (a made-up anti-white holiday), blacks reminded us all why the Second Amendment shouldn’t apply to blacks.

Let freedom ring, baby!

DC police: Reports of ‘multiple people shot’ including officer,, June 19, 2022

D.C. Police say “multiple people” have reportedly been shot near the intersection of 14th and U Streets in Northwest.

The shooting was first reported to WTOP after 8 p.m. in the area near a “Moechella” event — a downtown Juneteenth celebration.

Department spokespersons couldn’t say how many people were shot during the incident.

Police say an officer was among the victims and that they are looking for a suspect at this time.

Chief Robert Contee is expected to provide a media briefing.

Yes, a black mass shooting in our nation’s capital at an event celebrating black freedom (Juneteenth).

Let the laugh track roll, folks.

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