Arlington, VA Using Covid-19 As Racial Handout Excuse
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Hans Bader observes that the county government of Arlington, Virginia, where he lives, has announced that it will take the "minority" status of owners into account when handing out emergency business grants.

Government officials are handing out tax dollars based on race and gender, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. One example is in Arlington, Va., where I live. The Arlington County government announced that it will hand out grants to small businesses based on “considerations” such as whether the business is “women and/or minority-owned.”

COVID-19 leads to racial preferences, Liberty Unyielding, April 17, 2020
That's illegal, of course.
An obvious challenger would be any white small business owner in Arlington who's been denied—or even shortchanged—on a grant.
But Bader notes that a taxpayer might have standing, too.
Might you be that taxpayer?
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