Arizona Takes Action against Birth Citizenship
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Once again, Arizona is the spearpoint of defending the country against the onslaught of illegal aliens, this time challenging the misinterpretation of the 14th Amendment, by which the children of illegal aliens born on American soil are awarded citizenship. While some in the dinosaur media characterize the legislation as off the reservation, Arizona has already ticked off the more straight-forward items on the to-do list of enforcement.

In one example, while Washington is still jawboning about increased workplace enforcement, Arizona passed the Legal Arizona Workers Act in 2007, which required employers to use E-verify on all new hires. The law was legally challenged by the usual suspects and is now in the hands of the Supremes, with the Obama administration siding against employer sanctions, even though candidate Obama favored a crackdown on businesses that hired illegals.

Arizona legislation targets automatic citizenship, Associated Press, January 28, 2011

Lawmakers in Arizona are proposing a bill that challenges automatic U.S. citizenship for children of illegal immigrants, their latest foray into the national debate over illegal immigration.

Republican Rep. John Kavanagh, who filed the Arizona plan Thursday, said the goal isn’t to get every state in the nation to enact such a law, but rather to bring the dispute to the courts in hopes of reducing the costs associated with granting automatic citizenship.

“The result of that is they immediately acquire the right to full benefits, everything from welfare to cheese, which increases the costs to the states,” Kavanagh said. “And beyond that, it’s irresponsible and foolish to bestow citizenship based upon one’s GPS location at birth.”

In the video below (4 minutes in), Raza mouthpiece Brent Wilkes says, “There’s no evidence whatsoever that perhaps the ability to have a child here that’s going to be a citizen influences immigration to the United States at all.”

Au contraire. Alien moms aren't shy about admitting they come to plop out a meal-ticket jackpot baby. Just ask them:

Furthermore, the generosity (or stupidity) of America on this issue does not generate gratitude from the illegals, but instead grows a gigantic sense of entitlement. A pregnant illegal recently appeared on Arizona TV and declared her right to the freebie: Illegal Mother: My Unborn Child Deserves Citizenship, Fox Phoenix.

Illegal Mother: My Unborn Child Deserves Citizenship:

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