American Renaissance's Conference, Charlotte Mayor Pro Tem Patrick D. Cannon, Anarcho-Tyranny, And The Tradition Of Free Speech
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Alexander Hart just called to say he can't make his deadline for the major story we were hoping to run tonight on American Renaissance's Feb. 4-6 conference, thrown into crisis by the last-minute decision of the Sheraton Charlotte Airport Hotel to renege (in a one-line email) on its contract, despite the most elaborate precautions and assurances, apparently at the suggestion of Charlotte Mayor pro tem Patrick D, Cannon. (Email, Phone: (704) 392-1200 · Fax: (704) 393-2207). [ note: Cannon, pictured right, is a graduate of a Historically Black College.]We hope to post directly.

AmRen's Jared Taylor is still hopeful that a venue can be found. Maybe he will be able to announce it at his news conference in Charlotte on Monday. NPItv says it will find some way of broadcasting the speakers anyway.

As I wrote after the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords, the left's agenda is repression—because only through repression can it keep the white majority cowed long enough to elect a new people.

Major components of this "new people" have no tradition of free speech. has recently carried several blogs about the amazing spectacle presented by the wreck of the city of Detroit. Coming soon, plus anarcho-tyranny, to an America near you.

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