Arizona Comes To Massachusetts
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One of the top headlines in Google News is a New York Times story from Massachusetts:
Surprising Immigration Crackdown Advances

By ABBY GOODNOUGH Published: June 10, 2010

Doesn't surprise me. But the reason it surprises the New York Times is that it's happening in The People's Republic Of Massachusetts:
Renata Teodoro at a vigil protesting the Massachusetts immigration measure, which gained support after Arizona passed its tough law.

Andres Del Castillo, who just finished his freshman year at Suffolk University in Boston, is holding a vigil on the Statehouse steps to protest what could be the state’s harshest crackdown on illegal immigrants in decades. The plan, already approved by the Senate, must survive budget negotiations with the House to become law.

And while Arizona’s tough new immigration policy seemed largely irrelevant here when it passed in April – both legislative chambers are controlled by Democrats who typically pay scant attention to the issue, and Bill O’Reilly of Fox News has derided Massachusetts as a ”sanctuary state” for illegal immigrants – ripple effects hit almost immediately.

It's not only Bill O'Reilly who thinks of Massachusetts as a sanctuary state—Deval Patrick, the Governor, supports a state-wide sanctuary policy. It seems that the General Court of Massachusetts doesn't agree with him. God knows, the voters don', even in Massachusetts.
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