Are Traitors On Trump's Staff Using C. Northcote Parkinson Trick On Him?
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The other day Steve Sailer in What Apple Has Been Up to Since Steve Jobs Died? discussed the $5 billion Babylonian palace which Apple has built itself as headquarters. Steve noted that the British writer C. Northcote Parkinson had identified the marked tendency for organizations to build megalomaniac headquarters immediately before their demise.

Peter Brimelow has discussed Parkinson’s work at some length in How Do You Cure Injelitance?

I thought about Parkinson again on reading Trump 'exhausted' three days into first trip abroad as president: Reports Washington Examiner May 21 2017

Trump was expected to say "Islamist extremism" during his speech to Muslim leaders in Saudi Arabia, but instead said "Islamic extremism."

When asked why Trump deviated from the prepared text of his speech, an administration official said Trump is "just an exhausted guy."

One of the lesser gems in Parkinson’s work was the suggestion that underlings eliminate an unwelcome Boss by over scheduling him on conferences involving arduous travel.

It seems unlikely that Trump, who demonstrated enormous stamina in the election campaign, actually is exhausted (yet). But the aide’s failure to ridicule complaining about the trivial misstatement and eagerness to raise the issue stinks of disloyalty.

And the trip is in fact too long.

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