April 19 And Bill Clinton
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Here's what I wrote about Oklahoma on the tenth anniversary of the bombing:

As a conservative, I’d like to remind people that terrorism against Americans is mostly the province, not of right-wingers, but of the following three groups:

But it’s also Patriot’s Day, the anniversary of the “Shot Heard Round the World”, in Concord, Massachusetts. This shot was fired by...Minutemen.

The fight for freedom has moved a little further south. But the spirit of the Minutemen lives on.

Unfortunately, so does Bill Clinton. He's blaming the Oklahoma City bombing on ...the Tea Party Movement:

"Finally, we should never forget what drove the bombers, and how they justified their actions to themselves. They took to the ultimate extreme an idea advocated in the months and years before the bombing by an increasingly vocal minority: the belief that the greatest threat to American freedom is our government, and that public servants do not protect our freedoms, but abuse them. On that April 19, the second anniversary of the assault of the Branch Davidian compound near Waco, deeply alienated and disconnected Americans decided murder was a blow for liberty."

Message: being "alienated" leads to violence. Don't be alienated! It's disloyal!

And this comes from Bill Clinton, who was on the winning side in the Vietnam War, part of a left-wing movement that planted bombs and rioted on campuses all over America.

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