AP Won't Publish "Deliberately Provocative" Images Of Mohammed Cartoons, But Have No Problem Starting Riots In Black America
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The Associated Press had decided not to publish pictures of the Mohammed Cartoons that the Charlie Hebdo staffers died for:

See AP on Mohammad Cartoons: We Won't Use 'Deliberately Provocative' Images, Guy Benson, TownHall.com, Jan 07, 2015.

Here are some non provocative images published by AP during the Trayvon Martin case.



Neighborhood Watch Reaction

And here's a non-provocative image of the late Michael Brown:


The lesson—the AP knows that inflammatory images will have consequences in terms of enraged Muslims all over the world, but are unable to figure out that this applies to American blacks in their own back yard.

Alternatively, the lesson is the AP doesn't care, because the rioters don't target the media, but burn out immigrant storekeepers, and attack white police and citizens.  For example, the late Zemir Begic, beaten to death with hammers by St. Louis blacks. Did the MSM publish as many pictures of him and his wife—now his widow—as they did of Trayvon Martin looking adorable, or were they afraid of being provocative?

Zemir Begic and wideo


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