Anti-White NYC School Supremo Richard Carranza Is Pushed Out
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Earlier: NYC School System Sued Over Firing White Bureaucrats for "Toxic Whiteness"

Back in 2019 I blogged:

Is Carranza in Over His Head in NYC Public School Snakepit?

STEVE SAILER • MAY 28, 2019 • 600 WORDS • 134 COMMENTS

Mayor De Blasio’s education supremo Richard Carranza, whom the New York Post is out to get for his Hate Whitey SJW indoctrination struggle sessions, is a genuine mariachi-playing Chicano from the Southwest. I’ve long felt he may be in over his head in the snakepit that is the New York City public school system.

New York City has the smartest, most ruthless white parents in the country, so I wondered if Carranza’s Hate YT tactics that had powered his fabulous career in Houston and San Francisco would come a cropper in New York.

… On the other hand, Carranza has the winds of the zeitgeist at his back in mandating Intersectional True Believerism, so I shall follow his future career with interest.

… Carranza literally spells out the underlying logic of the Conventional Wisdom:

The racial test score gaps demonstrate that either:

Pick one!

Is that too blatant for the Current Year, or is Carranza the accelerationist that was inevitably going to arrive?

From the New York Times today:

N.Y.C. Schools Chief to Resign After Clashes Over Desegregation

Richard Carranza’s departure, planned for mid-March, comes after repeated clashes with Mayor Bill de Blasio over how to desegregate the city’s schools.

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