Is Richard Carranza in Over His Head in NYC Public School Snakepit?
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Mayor De Blasio’s education supremo Richard Carranza, whom the New York Post is out to get for his Hate Whitey SJW indoctrination struggle sessions, is a genuine mariachi-playing Chicano from the Southwest. I’ve long felt he may be in over his head in the snakepit that is the New York City public school system. On the other hand, Carranza has the winds of the zeitgeist at his back in mandating Intersectional True Believerism, so I shall follow his future career with interest.

Basically, all the Post has to do is quote Diversity Consultants hired by Carranza to berate school employees for their whiteness/Asianess and they trigger atavistic local memories of 1968 when the very liberal WASP Lindsay administration teamed up with black power radicals to fire Jewish and Catholic public school teachers in the Brownsville/Ocean Hill district of Brooklyn. (This WASP/black war on Jewish teachers was one of the root causes of the emergence of neoconservatism in 1969.) Whether Carranza is even aware of this history is unknown.

On the other hand, Carranza literally spells out the underlying logic of the Conventional Wisdom:

The racial test score gaps demonstrate that either:

Pick one!

Is that too blatant for the Current Year, or is Carranza the accelerationist that was inevitably going to arrive?

Here’s an update from The Post’s war on Carranza:

DOE-sponsored group said Asians benefit from white privilege: parent
By Selim Algar May 26, 2019 | 10:46pm | Updated

A city DOE-sponsored panel designed to combat racism told parents that Asian American students “benefit from white supremacy” and “proximity to white privilege,” an outraged mom told The Post.

The comments drew backlash from some parents and Asian activists, but not the Department of Education, which neither denied nor denounced them.

The panel was helmed by the Center for Racial Justice in Education, a group being paid about $400,000 by the DOE, led by Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza, to conduct near-weekly training sessions throughout the city to address what it believes is rampant racism infecting schools.

Two CRJE presenters at the February meeting — which included about 30 District 3 parents from the Upper West Side and Harlem in Manhattan — outlined a racial-advantage hierarchy, with African Americans at the bottom and whites at the top, according to attendee Ingrid Flinn.

Flinn, who has an adopted Asian child, noted that Asians were never mentioned in the presentation and said that she felt compelled to ask about their status.

The presenters told the room that Asians were on the upper rungs, enough in “proximity to white privilege” to “benefit from white supremacy,” Flinn recalled.

Flinn said it suggested Asians didn’t need to be separately acknowledged in the hierarchy.

“I was offended,” she told The Post. “It was like Asians were just invisible. [But] they have their own problems, their own issues they have to deal with.”

Wai Wah Chin of the Chinese American Citizens Alliance of Greater New York fumed, “This is racist and divisive.”

Vanessa Leung, a member of the Coalition for Asian American Children and Families and of City Hall’s School Diversity Advisory Group, said she supports integration efforts but also blasted the panel’s categorization of Asians.

“When folks lump us with whites, we are being erased,” she said. “Our challenges and the struggles that our community has faced and is facing becomes invisible.”

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