Anti-White Menism as the Cliche of Hacks
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Complaining about white men in 2018 is rapidly becoming as much of a hack move by Media Figures as would be a stand-up comedian today asking “What’s the deal with airline food?” For example,

Not a lot of self-awareness from a guy who basically inherited his career from his father about as much as Bashar Assad inherited his.

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New Yorker writer Susan Orlean does even worse in the cliche department:

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Orlean is currently married to her second husband, wealthy 64-year old investment banker John W. Gillespie Jr., so, buddy, look out.

Also from Susan Orlean today (although since deleted from Twitter):

Screenshot 2018-09-28 00.43.22

She probably should have added some bomb and gun emojis to her tweet for added effect. Personally, I don’t take Susan Orlean’s threat all that seriously, having seen the Susan Orlean Character in Charlie Kaufman’s Adaptation:

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