Anti-Trump Alex Berenson Denounces Lawfare; Attracts Excellent Comments. Could Tide Be Turning?
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H/T Revolver for alerting me to a refreshing essay at the Substack account.

Unreported Truths: On the rising danger of Democratic lawfare, by Alex Berenson, February 5, 2024.

The subhead is:

The New York state fraud case against Donald Trump is absurd; and the White House now openly tells its operatives to defy Congressional subpoenas. Democrats seem blind to the risks they’re running.

Alex Berenson worked almost 14 years at the New York Times. Wikipedia says

In a 2023 interview, Berenson said that he never voted for a Republican presidential candidate and would never vote for Donald Trump for president.[15]

so this opinion comes from an unusual quarter.

Berenson observes:

The Democratic effort to twist the legal system has accelerated in the last few months. Trump and his most ardent supporters now face an unrelenting flow of civil and criminal cases, some of which at best stretch legal theories to their limits. But judges in blue cities and states have been notably reluctant to push back on them. [ emphasis]

While efficiently summarizing the various atrocities, Berenson’s great strength is that he understands the mechanics:

In New York, the reality that Trump cannot count on anything like impartial hearings from neutral judges has been clear for months. Not coincidentally, the actions that have damaged Trump the most were both brought in Manhattan, where Trump is widely hated and Joe Biden won 87 percent of the vote in 2020.

Hard Left Judges and non-Historic American Juries are a death knell in any case which can be politicized. Why the practice of moving cases out of extremely prejudiced Districts has been dropped is a crucial question.

Berenson is particularly annoyed to note

That the White House has told two of its former operatives … to ignore a lawful Congressional subpoena is ugly enough.
But the fact that it has done so while prosecuting two of Trump’s advisors for refusing similar testimony is far worse.

This fair-minded and sensible piece is a pleasure to read. The very high-quality comments are extremely encouraging:

Jonathan Crumly

What the Democrats are unleashing is stunning. It’s not just Trump and “his associates” that are being railroaded. It includes lawyers who did nothing more than provide legal advice on complex constitutional and election law issues. That’s all they did and they are being criminally prosecuted in GA and several disbarment proceedings are pending against them. Simply for providing legal advice to the wrong political party and politician.


I doubt you’ll find a non-partisan judge anywhere in the entire state of New York. That’s the new world we’re finding ourselves in. The same is true of many other ”blue” states. Justice is no longer blind. I’m just wondering what it will take to reverse this. would certainly concur with this.

I recommend both Berenson’s essay and the Comments. They give hope that spreading understanding and public outrage (even from Righteous Liberals) could force the communists into a (no doubt tactical) retreat.








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