Anti Muslim Hate Crime in Kansas City... Perpetuated by Somali
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With ill concealed glee, the media is promoting the death of one Abdisamad “Adam” Sheikh-Hussein, a fifteen year old Muslim run over by an SUV in Kansas City.
Devastated family, friends and schoolmates of a 15-year-old boy killed in a horrific hit-and-run car crash that is being investigated as a hate crime gathered for his funeral on Saturday.

A large community of Somali Muslims in Kansas City, Missouri, is still in shock after the boy died on Thursday evening, when a man appeared to deliberately drive his vehicle into him as he was leaving a local mosque.

Abdisamad Sheikh-Hussein, 15, almost had his legs severed when a man whom locals said had been harassing the community with anti-Islamic taunts and violent threats apparently swerved his car and ploughed into the boy.

[Community mourns Somali Muslim teen's death in Kansas City hate crime, by Joanna Walters, The Guardian,  December 6, 2014]

The only problem is the offender, a "Somali Christian" named Ahmed Aden, who apparently went haywire after losing his job as a truck driver.
Aden was once a welcome part of the community largely made-up of Somali immigrants, but he came unhinged after losing his job as a truck driver, mosque members and acquaintances told The Kansas City Star.  [FBI eyes Kansas City man's car kill as anti-Muslim hate crime, by Doyle Murphy, New York Daily News, December 6, 2014]
Leaving aside the question of why Kansas City desperately needed a "community largely made-up of Somali immigrants," this is just another case of tiresome Third World tribal warfare taking place on Western streets—a predictable consequence of mass immigration.

Nonetheless, keep your eye out for the actions of this "Kansas City man" to be used as a justification for crackdowns against actual Americans.


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