"We Are America"—The World Turned Upside Down
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A reader writes about my liveblogging of the "Million Immigrant March:"

I just saw briefly on C-Span this particular meeting. The part I did see was what one could label as "dark" humor. I saw a crowd shot which had one individual holding up a side upside down - the sign read "We Are America."

While it drew an immediate laugh for the basic- "this guy has his sign upside down" thing, it also showed a dark undertone of how far off the wall this whole illegal alien thing is.

Here you have this individual who probably is in the country illegally, probably has no clue to understanding English, probably has little or no education, and yet according to the speakers at the podium—he is our new American future.

The upside down sign shows how upside down and illogical the whole debate on this issue is If this individual holding the upside down sign up has children then the schools they are enrolled in are probably being turned upside down in educational value to accomodate them. The health services the upside down sign holder uses are probably being turned upside down to serve him and probably several family members. One could go on and on to find more meanings to what this upside down sign means for America.Quite literally this issue has been turned upside down and we are paying a huge price for it.

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