Anti-American, Pro-Invasion Utah Hispanic Activist Tony Yapias Charged With Rape
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I'm reminded of a certain presidential candidate's comments about Latin American countries "not sending their best people."

Tony Yapias, from Peru, is a pro-immigration activist, head of Proyecto Latino de Utah and a constant source of quotes for reporters eager to promote mass immigration. He's also been working to rally Latino votes for Hillary Clinton [Immigration ruling called hurtful, a necessary check on executive powersby Marjorie Cortez, Deseret News, June 23, 2016].

And now, he's an accused rapist.

Well-known Utah Latino activist Tony Yapias has been charged with rape for an alleged assault on a woman who had broken off their long-term relationship in March.

Yapias, 50, whose full name is Adolfo Tony Yapias-Delgado, was charged Monday in 3rd District Court with one count of rape, a first-degree felony, and one count of evidence tampering, a class A misdemeanor.

Yapias, who is from Peru, is the director of Proyecto Latino de Utah, which works on immigration and other Hispanic issues. He was director of Utah's Hispanic Affairs Office and has had several Hispanic-affairs radio shows.

South Salt Lake police arrested Yapias on Monday afternoon, police spokesman Gary Keller said, and he was booked into the Salt Lake County jail.

[Utah Hispanic activist Tony Yapias arrested, charged with rapeby Jennifer Dobner, The Salt Lake Tribune, September 13, 2016]

Obviously, he's just been charged and has not yet been convicted of anything. Innocent until proven guilty and all that.

Still, Yapias is a leading figure in the effort to transform Utah, and more broadly, America, into a copy of the very country he (and his alleged victim)  fled.
Court documents also note Yapias' status as an immigration activist.

"(Yapias) was also well aware of issues related to the victim's immigration status," the charges say. "As part of the March (21) text exchange, before he arrived at her home, he had stated: 'I'm at (a) meeting about immigration with representatives from Washington, D.C.'"

The case is being prosecuted by the Davis County Attorney's Office. Sim Gill, the Salt Lake County district attorney, said his office transferred the case "several months ago" because of a conflict of interest. Gill has appeared on Yapias' radio show multiple times and otherwise collaborated with him in the past, he said.

For many years, Yapias has spoken out about immigration issues affecting Utah Latinos on his blog, radio programs, TV newscasts and several rallies.

In 2014, he attended a meeting with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service and U.S. Attorney’s Office on behalf of the Latino community. He is also the former director of the Utah Office of Hispanic Affairs.

KSL and the Deseret News have interviewed Yapias several times, most recently last week for a story about the slowing rate of the Latino population in Utah in the United States.

On his blog, Yapias lists the various hats he wears: "Latino youth motivational speaker, public and business speaker, court assistance, labor commission issues, translations, business consulting."

[Tony Yapias, prominent activist for Latino community in Utah, charged with rapeby Ben Lockhart, KSL, September 12, 2016]

In passing, think how odd it is someone can be neutrally described as an "activist for [the] Latino community." We're in the midst of an artificial moral panic about Donald Trump's guilt-by-non-association with David Duke, and no one calls him a "prominent activist for the European-American community."

In any event, if Yapias is convicted, look for his name to disappear down the memory hole. And someone new will take over the racket.

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