Anti-American Bloomberg Wants A "Debate" On Immigration—a.k.a. Amnesty And Massive Increases In SKILLED LEGAL Immigration
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Bloomberg wants election debate on immigration

Published August 14, 2012

Associated Press

CHICAGO – New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg sought Tuesday to ignite debate over immigration among the presidential contenders, saying there was no faster or cheaper way to fix the nation's economic problems than by abandoning "self-defeating" immigration policies.

In an editorial published Tuesday and at an appearance before business leaders in Chicago, Bloomberg laid out some of his ideas, saying immigrants and the businesses they create are engines for America's economic recovery.[More]


This is typical business immigration stuff—it's all winners and no losers, apparently, from unlimited immigration. In fact, business owners win, and workers and taxpayers (who subsidize immigration in a welfare state) lose.

Bloomberg's implicit contempt for Americans has long been obvious. He thinks they are not capable of producing enough educated workers. Hence he has

long argued that the United States is committing economic suicide by sending the nation's top international students and the world's most promising entrepreneurs to other shores. In Chicago, he pointed to a study released Tuesday by a partnership of U.S. mayors and business leaders that he co-chairs, which found, among other things, that immigrants were responsible for one out of four new businesses started last year.

But in fact there is no shortage of educated Americans, there's a shortage of jobs for them. And that means lower wages for the jobs that do exist. Look at this graph:

Earnings Cost College

Source: Money Down a Rathole: College, Healthcare, Housing,

OfTwoMinds.comAugust 10, 2012

Does that look like we need a bipartisan effort to "staple a greencard" to any diploma earned by a foreigner?

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