Another Job Americans Just Won't Do: Doctor
October 09, 2017, 07:26 PM
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From the New York Times:

Why America Needs Foreign Medical Graduates

Aaron E. Carroll


… The American system relies to a surprising extent on foreign medical graduates, most of whom are citizens of other countries when they arrive. By any objective standard, the United States trains far too few physicians to care for all the patients who need them. We rank toward the bottom of developed nations with respect to medical graduates per population.

… We don’t have enough graduates even to fill residency slots. This means that we are reliant on physicians trained outside the country to fill the gap. A 2015 study found that almost a quarter of residents across all fields, and more than a third of residents in subspecialist programs, were foreign medical graduates.

Clearly, doctor, like stoop farm laborer, is one of those jobs Americans just won’t do anymore. The shortage of American doctors couldn’t have anything to do with cartel behavior by powerful interest groups.

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