More Bad Idea Jeans: Prosecutors Dating Rastafarians
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Earlier I blogged about the often-disastrous consequences that occur when white women date/marry/get involved with black or Hispanic men. My hook was a news story in which a white female prosecutor dated a black man, only to be beaten severely when the relationship was broken off.

My item couched the white female prosecutor as a possible aberration: unlike so many other white female victims, she wasn't uneducated, and as a prosecutor, certainly had a front-row seat for knowledge of the risks.

Now it's starting to look like white female prosecutors are a bigger part of the date-dangerous-black-men trend. Jennifer Mitrick, 30, apparently struck up a relationship with Michael Wilson, the victim in a shooting case she prosecutor.[Source: A.D.A. pulled from case after being romantically linked to alleged drug dealer, By Mensah M. Dean, May 20, 2011]

Wilson is described as a "Rastafarian drug dealer" from West Philadelphia via Jamaica, so it's hard to imagine he's not black. If Mitrick was working undercover, she neglected to tell anyone. According to the story:

The relationship came to light in February 2010, when law-enforcement officials - working an unrelated case - executed a search warrant of Wilson's home. They found drugs, an illegal gun and a picture of Mitrick and Wilson, sources said.

I suppose a lawyer can become attached to a witness. But a Rastafarian drug dealer? When you work as a prosecutor? Mitrick herself looks as sweet as can be, but it's always those women who seem to fall hardest for politically correct narratives that blind them to harsher realities.

A detective who blogs as "Wyatt Earp" has commenters saying she's a lefty who does yoga and graduated from Georgetown:

Interestingly, Mitrick hasn't been fired—just reassigned. In order to be fired, she would have had to say that black men are more likely to commit crime than white men—or just show up to an American Renaissance conference and speak in defense of whites.

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