Ann Coulter's Upcoming Book Directly Confronts Mass Immigration
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Consider the Left already triggered.

Ann Coulter, the queen of conservative commentary, is about to unleash a new book that slams liberals and elites in America for opening the floodgates of illegal immigration so they can have "cheap nannies and lawn boys" — and a devoted corps of voters.

Her upcoming ¡Adios America! The Left's Plan To Turn Our Country Into A Third World Hell Hole is likely to play a role in the debate over immigration and the 2016 presidential race where the issue splits Democrats and Republicans.

While Regnery Publishing isn't shipping the book until June 1, word about it is already out and Coulter's book is climbing the Amazon ratings. She has been a New York Times best-seller 10 times.

[Coulter: Liberals use illegals for 'cheap nannies, lawn boys, votes," by Paul Bedard, Washington Examiner, April 14, 2015]

Coulter has been absolutely heroic in identifying the central importance of the immigration issue to the future survival not just of American conservatism, but of "America" itself in any kind of meaningful sense.  And she's paid a price, as we can see from her sudden banishment from CPAC.

If American conservatism is to have a future, it requires centering on the immigration issue and redefining the American Right as a patriotic, pro-worker, and populist movement.  Hopefully, Coulter's new book will be a step towards that sorely needed development.

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