Ann Coulter On Hillary Vs. McCain
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The Republican candidates have been so bad that Ann Coulter has been threatening to support Hillary. Her latest column tears into the worst Republican of all: John McCain.
And my brave little Hillary needs a bold move after the Potomac primaries this week. If she can't trick Gore into endorsing Obama, she may have to divorce Bill.

Hillary is, shockingly enough, the most conservative candidate among the top three presidential candidates.

The Rev. Jerry Falwell once remarked that his people would rather vote for Beelzebub than Hillary Clinton.

He didn't mention John McCain.

Pat Buchanan says if McCain is the nominee, the Republican Party will lose its soul. I'm more worried about the Republican Party losing its mind. [ - Archived Article: THERE'S A DEMOCRAT BEHIND DOOR NO. 1, 2 AND 3, February 13, 2008]

You can also watch her speech at CPAC, where she says much the same thing.
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