Ann Coulter Observes The Lucky Jim Effect In Action
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What I call the Lucky Jim Effect is based on Kingsley Amis's observation that there's no end to the way nice things are nicer than nasty things. From the Daily Caller:

After a college speech, 'I can usually tell what the average SAT scores are,' says Coulter

By Alexa Williams   12:02 AM 06/08/2011

... "I can usually tell after a speech what the average SAT scores are, because contrary to my prejudice, at the good colleges they do not heckle, they do not throw food, they usually do not have stupid signs outside; they want to beat you in question and answer," Coulter said.

... The attacks Coulter and other conservatives face on some college campuses are not generally physical, but include chants and disrespectful behavior at speeches. And it is at the lesser schools that these behaviors are generally exhibited, Coulter has realized. ...

"It is at the third-tier bush-league schools where you really need double body guard duty. Weirdly, the Jesuit schools - very bad, very, very, very, bad. ...

At the "good" colleges, they "wait for question and answer and they're often very good questions; they're actually listening to the speech, they've read what you've written."

... In 2006, when Jim Gilchrist of the Minuteman Project spoke at Columbia University, students drove the speakers from the stage, the tables were turned over and mics grabbed from the speaker's hands. "I think if they were Columbia students, they were probably affirmative action students.

"Because that really is unusual behavior at an Ivy League school or its equivalents. You can tell the SAT scores from how the kids behave in an audience and it's the dumb ones who are the most susceptible to being jimmied up by other morons like Ward Churchill," said Coulter.

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