Ann Corcoran Presents a Call to Action against Democrats’ Radical Refugee Program
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The editor of the excellent RefugeeResettlementWatch blog sees a dangerous uptick in the administration’s refugee program, as shown by its welcome of 10,000 unscreenable Syrians to American communities in recent months. As the administration has emphasized, the first group of 10,000 Syrians is “a floor, not a ceiling,” meaning that more — lots more — refugees are in the pipeline, particularly if Hillary Clinton is elected.

ANN CORCORAN: It has been nine years since I began investigating the very secretive refugee admissions program which turned 36 years old this year, and reported on what I found at my blog RefugeeResettlementWatch. A joint enterprise of the US State Department and the United Nations, the refugee admissions program was the brainchild of former Senators Ted Kennedy and Joe Biden. It was signed into law by President Jimmy Carter in 1980, and since then it has admitted almost 2 million refugees into your towns and cities.

In recent years the federal government admitted on average 60-70,000 refugees a year and placed them in hundreds of US towns and cities in 49 states where they immediately upon arrival receive all forms of welfare including Social Security for the elderly and disabled. Barack Obama has increased that number to 85,000 for this year — 10,000 of which are Syrian Sunni Muslims — and he vowed that next year he would propose bringing 100,000.

In September Obama will have his last opportunity to change America by changing its people, but we think he will go way beyond a hundred thousand as the resettlement industry, composed of nine federal contractors or VOLAGs (VOLuntary AGencies), began a huge propaganda campaign in Washington yesterday on August 28th, a rally that fizzled spectacularly. They held a pathetically small astroturf event to demand even higher numbers for Fiscal Year 2017 which begins on October 1st, demonstrating that popular support for more refugees is tepid.

This Washington DC rally, funded by George Soros and his globalist friends, is the lead up to a refugee extravaganza to be held at the United Nations where we know that the Organization of Islamic Cooperation has great influence. Obama will travel to New York City for two days in September the 19th and 20th to play host to world leaders and make Americans feel guilty about not welcoming poorly vetted Syrian refugees to their neighborhoods.

Clearly the timing of the event is meant to impact in November election, as Hillary Clinton has said she is in favor of much larger numbers of refugees especially Syrians. She’s on record saying that she wants 65,000 Syrians in the next year — 65,000 when we barely managed 10,000 this year. That would be in addition to the hundred thousand or more from other countries.

This summer I spent 30 days on the road visiting refugee-overloaded towns and cities in 13 states, and I can assure you that citizens were extremely concerned wherever I went. They fear for their economic futures as well as the future of their towns where already they see signs of creeping sharia, zoning fights over the locations of mosques, aggressive demands for special prayer-break times in the workplace and special accommodations in school systems as the Muslim population increases —often because some large multinational food-processing or manufacturing corporation is demanding the cheap refugee labor.

There’s only one entity that could rein in Soros’ and Obama’s of ambition and that is Congress. The Constitution gives Congress the power of the purse. All eyes will be on the legislators in the House and the Senate: they will decide your family’s future through the choices they make. Congress, led by Republicans, will decide whether or not to fund Obama’s proposed refugee numbers.

Those nine federal contractors or VOLAGs do not have money of their own: they resettle refugees with millions of your tax dollars. Turn off the US Treasury spigot and the flow of refugees will stop. It should most certainly be stopped until a new president sets the tone in 2017.

There are alternatives to costly and disruptive resettlement that benefit the refugees and the US taxpayer, including the creation of safe zones in the Middle East and Africa where refugees would be cared for until the conflict ends. Saudi Arabia comes to mind as a prime location.

You as citizens must become engaged in finding such alternative solutions because the Soros Obama-Clinton solution most certainly puts the future of the great American experiment in jeopardy. The future of your children and grandchildren is in your hands.

Friday’s news also included a dismal employment report of only 151,000 jobs created in August, below what was expected and a sign that economic stagnation is continuing. This is certainly no time to be importing more backward, unemployable and possibly hostile refugees into America’s struggling communities.

Ann’s blog including the new Youtube shown above also has contact information so concerned citizens can express their opposition to the extreme increase of refugee resettlement (much of which turns out to be Muslim, not persecuted Christians as I have reported):

Remember the other side is flooding Congress with postcards, see here (scroll down to see card).  Maybe it’s time for an old fashioned letter writing campaign to counter them. After all, it is your money that will be required to fund 200,000 refugees’ travel, placement, and lives in America.  (In an upcoming post, I’ll give you some other important legislators who need to hear from you!)

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell 317 Russell Senate Office Building Washington DC 20510 Phone Number: (202) 224-2541

Speaker Paul Ryan 1233 Longworth House Office Building Washington, D.C. 20515 Phone: (202) 225-3031

Don’t say you weren’t warned.
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