Anarcho-Tyranny In Greece:Two Golden Dawn Members Murdered By Terrorists In Greece, While Police Are Persecuting Them
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On October 8, Peter Brimelow wrote Horrifying Details Of Golden Dawn's Repression—Coming To An America Near You?   about the persecution of an entire political party because someone got killed in a street fight. 

Dimitris Papageorgiou writes from Greece that this has now turned into anarcho-tyranny.

While the Greek Police are arresting anyone from Golden Dawn who has "sticks of wood"—by which he presumably means batons, although it could even mean six-inch long Kubotans—their leftist opponents are organized enough to have pistols and submachineguns, and used them to commit two murders.

Two young members of Golden Dawn, Kapelonis Manolis and Fountoulis Georgios were murdered earlier tonight while safeguarding an event taking place inside the offices of the party in the northern suburbs of Athens. Alexandros Gerontas, father of a two year old, aged 29 is fighting for his life in a hospital, and the doctors diagnose the situation as critical.

Two black clad people riding a motorcycle opened fire on the guard team of 7-8 person that were on the pavement in front of the building of GD. Early information suggests that after using an MP-5, they got in close and shot both to the head with 9mm pistols.

Golden Dawn members had nothing to defend themselves with, as the police in the previous week raided most GD offices and arrested people for sticks of wood.

Golden Dawn had notified the police of the event taking place and had asked for police protection. That was not given. It has to be noted that even mp's of Golden Dawn have no police escort, after it was removed by a decision of the ministry.

For the past month and a half GD has been the target of both a systematic terror campaign from the police but also the extreme left.

The anti-terrorist squad was used against Golden Dawn, while murders walk free.

 P.S. The irony is that today the “antiracist” law was given to publicity.

Anarcho-Tyranny (the word has Greek  roots) was Sam Francis's term for the system of government that can always manage to take a gun away from a homeowner or convenience store clerk, but can't be bothered to jail a burglar or a robber, even if they can catch him.

As you can see here, the Golden Dawn members are watched so closely they can't even carry pocket-knives, but the police don't seem to be able to prevent "anti-racist" murders—or protect the citizens of Greece from African immigrant crime.

See Deadly shooting at Greek Golden Dawn office, EuronNews, November 1, 2013.

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