An Astonishing Coincidence: "Drop In Crime Coincides With Exodus Of Illegal Immigrants"
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"They only come to work" is the mantra we hear all the time from the open-borders types. But when illegal aliens leave en masse, crime decreases noticeably. What a surprise.

A marked drop in Phoenix-area crime coincides with the recession and a drop in the number of illegal immigrants in Phoenix has seen a 25 percent decline in the number of crimes during the first five months of 2009 compared to the same time period in 2007 when the economy began to slow. Violent crime in Phoenix is down 12 percent, according crime statistics from the Phoenix Police Department.

The Mesa Police Department reports a 19 percent decrease in total crimes for the first half of 2009 versus the first half of 2007, including a 10 percent drop in violent crime. Tempe has seen a 25 percent total drop. [Drop in crime coincides with exodus of illegal immigrants, by Mike Sunnucks,Phoenix Business Journal, August 1, 2009]

For more on what foreigners will do for money, see In DC, Last Week's Hard-Working Day Laborer Is Today's Burglar.

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