AmRen's Jared Taylor Triumphs In Charlotte?
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Jared Taylor apparently had a high old time time at his press conference in Charlotte, NC today—and, amazingly, still seems optimistic that American Renaissance's Feb 4-6 conference will go ahead.

In obvious response to Taylor's press conference, the hopelessly liberal Charlotte Observer editorialized, albeit with personal slurs, in his support:

"Democracy does not survive in any place where dissident ideas are silenced," Taylor said. He's right on that, at least. It's not [Charlotte Mayor pro tem] Cannon's job or anyone else's to deny American Renaissance its basic rights. Doing so has given this man from another century a visibility he never would have had.

Free speech covers all, even the primitive: White nationalist group shouldn't be run out of town, Charlotte Observer, Jan 31. 2011.

The "primitive" Taylor is, of course, a graduate of Yale and the Institut d'?‰tudes Politiques de Paris and is fluent in French and Japanese.

Still, the Observer has to be given credit for dropping its previous insistence that Taylor was a "white supremacist". There's a difference.

In a fair report, the Examiner's Michael Tuggle provides an example of the primitive Taylor in action:

The reporter for Mi Gente asked Taylor if his group was white supremacist. He responded that the people of Japan or Israel or Mexico could be called ”supremacist” because of those nations’ strict enforcement of immigration laws. Then he asked the reporter a question. ”Your paper is called ”Mi Gente,’ which means ”my people.’ Who are your people?”

”Everyone,” she said, raising her hands in the air.

”Everyone?” Taylor asked.

The reporter shrugged. ”The entire Latino community."

Taylor pounced on this. ”And if you wanted to associate with your people, or hold a conference, do you think you would be allowed to do so here in Charlotte?”

The reporter busily scribbled notes.

Judging from the comment threads, Taylor’s message is reaching Americans, if not their ruling class.

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