Americans Avoiding Mexico Like the Plague
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Mexico has gotten the rep as being such a dangerous place from all the narco-murders that even blotto-drunk college students are staying away. Texas party animals are heading south to Padre Island for spring break festivities, but hardly any will be venturing further.
Students there say the real madness would be to take the traditional 30-minute trip to the Mexican border for the popular "Two-Nation Vacation."

News of gun battles between Mexican soldiers and drug cartels in border cities are keeping tourists away and prompting many parents to dole out a stern warning: "Don't go to Mexico." [...]

Debra Fassold's family has been running the Original Tours company since the 1970s. Fassold says she used to have 10 to 20 trips from South Padre Island to Matamoros, Mexico, each day. But now she says she doesn't have enough customers for even one tour. [Mexican Drug Wars Keep Spring Breakers From Heading South of the Border, Fox News, March 13, 2008]

Americans as a whole have gotten the message that visiting the Narco-neighbor is an unwise vacation choice. They are staying away in droves, according to Lou Dobbs Tonight (March 12)...
CASEY WIAN: The violence is decimating Mexico's tourism industry.

Baja, California alone had nearly two million fewer foreign visitors last year. Just last week, Tijuana police seized more than 100 weapons, including gold and ivory plated assault rifles like these, 50,000 rounds of ammunition and half a ton of marijuana.

Also last week, right across the border from where I am standing, Mexican federal troops fought a seven-hour gun battle with suspected drug cartel members hiding in a wealthy neighborhood home. 30,000 Mexican federal troops have been battling the drug cartels for over a year and Lou, they seem to have barely made a dent in the drug violence.

It's sobering that 30,000 Mexican troops haven't made any progress against the cartels. Look forward to more blowback from the failing state headed in our general direction.
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