American Spectator's Jim Antle on Sailer Strategy...and James Webb
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Jim Antle's American Spectator post this morning Saving Harry Reid is a sensible refutation of the MSM conventional wisdom that "Hispanics saved the Dems", in the words of a November 3 Politico headline quoted by Steve Sailer in his post-election analysis.

Rather unfairly, a reader in the discussion thread told Antle that he was just echoing VDARE.COM's long-advocated "Sailer Strategy". A debate ensued that led to Antle expanding his views on the Sailer Strategy here.

Antle writes:

My main difference with Sailer is that I don't see this as a strategy so much as a statement of facts. Sailer is right that if whites in California voted like whites in Texas, Republicans would win more elections. But how to make that happen?

Of course, this is the great question. At VDARE.COM, we tend to think it means emphasizing National Question issues like immigration, language and even racial quotas. Sailer himself has added conservationism.

But it's very creditable that Antle recognizes it's a question at all. In virtually all contemporary commentary, the white vote is simply ignored.

Maybe I'm missing something, but I am genuinely puzzled why it's OK to talk about the need to win "Black vote" or the "Hispanic vote" but not the "white vote". Nevertheless, Antle is unquestionably right when he says: "People don't like it when it is put as starkly as this..."

Interestingly, also this morning, RealClearPolitics' David Paul Kuhn has an interview with Virginia's Democratic Senator Jim Webb that addresses this question, cautiously. Antle's comments on that are here.

In office Webb has had to make a lot of liberal compromises, for example on last year's Hate Crime bill.

Maybe he will get a chance to redeem himself if "the White House plans to use the immigration debate to punish the GOP and aggressively seek the Latino vote in 2012", as reported yesterday by Nicholas Stix .

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