American Gulag: America First Patriot Nick Fuentes On No-Fly List—Where Is GOP?
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Is America a free country? America First Patriot Nick Fuentes was added to the "No-Fly" list without committing any crime.

This is an enormous escalation of the Totalitarianism that has been developing under the Biden Administration. WHY IS THE GOP SILENT?

America First Patriot Nick Fuentes Put On No-Fly List

From Washington Watcher II: "This is just the latest injustice committed by the Biden regime against the American people. There’s a new standard set: if your speech offends the powers that be, they can ban you from flying. No charges or trial required. This new power can be used against a whole plethora of conservatives and right-wingers.

The question is now: will Republicans speak up against this? Will Tucker Carlson bring attention to it on his show? Greenwald’s concern indicates Tucker will likely mention it. But will any Republican lawmaker share the same concern?

That’s too hard to tell at the moment."

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Michelle Malkin On Anti-Tech Censorship Legislation: Get It RIGHT!

According to Michelle Malkin: "Similarly, "America First" host Nick Fuentes has been banned by all the usual Big Tech suspects, along with livestream service DLive, Coinbase, "and every payment processor" for his forceful advocacy of populism, an end to mass migration and protection of the nuclear family. He was scheduled to join Loomer, former Delaware GOP Senate candidate Lauren Witzke (banned from Twitter for calling a pedophilia-flirting transgender activist "demonic"), and me in Palm Beach Tuesday at a rally to push for loophole-free legislation holding Silicon Valley accountable for discriminatory deplatforming.

But Fuentes never got off the ground, because two airlines and Joe Biden's TSA informed him that he didn't have "clearance" to fly. He has been charged with no crimes and was blocked from exercising his First Amendment rights to free speech and peaceable assembly.

"The United States is now a country that persecutes its own citizens for political dissent. My placement on the no-fly list constitutes a grave escalation by the federal government against American conservatives," Fuentes told me. It's "all the more reason why our Republican representatives in state and federal government must get serious and pass strong legislation that protects the civil liberties of the 75 million people that voted for Donald Trump."

I've fought the deplatforming tyrants for 15 years as an internet entrepreneur and will do all I can to protect and support this new generation of free speech warriors from the globalist speech-squelchers and thought crime police. If you care about the future of this crumbling sovereign nation, you should, too."

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