America These Days, Summed Up in a Single Lawsuit
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"Plasma gettin' bigger, Jesus gettin' smaller, spill a cup o' coffee, make a million dollars" sings Toby Keith, in his song "American Ride". Every once in a while, you see a news item that tracks the lyric—and our current degradation—pretty neatly.

This lawsuit—now making the rounds as one of the weirdest of the year—features it all.

Man Dies During Threesome, Family Wins $3M for Medical Malpractice, By Andrew Chow, JD, Legally Weird, June 1, 2012 5:05 AM

It starts, in MSM fashion, with a description of a "Georgia man" (Boss Hogg?) who later turns out to be named "William Martinez." In my time as a personal injury defense attorney, I saw countless lawsuits with Hispanics—or the Hispanic-surnamed—as plaintiffs. The immivasion's only made it worse.

Contra Jesus—or traditional morality, if you like—he's huffing and puffing his way through a sex threesome. And none of the other two are his wife.

He's also apparently in pretty bad health, not suprising in the Land of Walking Manatees we've become.

His doctor is one "Sreenivasulu Gangasani", just like, you know, the family doctor you remember growing up. The Indians (and more eastern Asians) seem to be crowding out the medical profession. My own doctor, in a rural white area, is Filipino.

And his family wants to blame poor Dr. Gangasani, who probably thought some evil racist thoughts upon being sued, for his untimely death.

So they sued, because, you know, everyone does.

And rather than laugh the preposterous lawsuit out of court, an American jury (composed of whom, I wonder?) decided to award this slug's estate $5 million. Which was reduced to $3 million, because, oh yeah, Martinez was partly at fault.

Philandering Hispanics in poor health, Indian doctors, ridiculous lawsuits that make a mockery of personal responsibility, runaway verdicts from moronic juries... does anyone else get the feeling that all this isn't leading a better, brighter future for America's traditional majority? That none of this stuff is the sign of a healthy, stable, sane country? And that we're mostly powerless as we watch this train hurtling over the cliff?

Yeah. Me too.

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