America's Senator, Jeff Sessions, Warns of Obama's Amnesty Citizenship via 'Advanced Parole'
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Is anyone surprised that the President’s imperial amnesty edict has a fast track to citizenship tucked inside? For Democrat elites, immigration and open borders have always been about millions of future voters from cultures that normally prefer big government.

Obama is riding roughshod over the Constitution, national sovereignty and the separation of powers because he knows the spineless Congressional Republican leadership won’t impeach, no matter what he does.

Sessions Comments on House Judiciary’s Discovery of Citizenship Provision within President’s Amnesty Decree, February 13, 2015

WASHINGTON—U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), Chairman of the Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest, today commented on the discovery that President Obama’s amnesty decree will confer citizenship on potentially hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants through a procedure known as ‘advanced parole’:

“Every day seemingly brings a new revelation about the President’s executive amnesty. We’ve learned that illegal immigrants will be given billions in free cash tax credits. We’ve learned that illegal immigrants will be given trillions in lifetime federal entitlement benefits through Social Security and Medicare. We’ve learned that illegal immigrants will be given driver’s licenses, creating new avenues for voter fraud. We’ve learned that the President’s edict will allow companies to replace American workers with illegal workers instead.

Our laws have been dismantled, stripped bare.

Now today House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte has unearthed a new scandal. In his executive decree, the President has opened up the possibility that hundreds of thousands of individuals illegally in the United States will be ‘paroled’ and given U.S. citizenship. Such a policy extends birthright citizenship to the foreign-born who unlawfully set their feet upon American soil.

It is an offense to the very idea of citizenship as something sacred, precious, and treasured.

Perhaps this newest scandal will finally provide our Senate Democrat colleagues with reason enough to end their filibuster and allow debate on the House funding bill to proceed. Maintaining and enforcing borders, and the rules of entry and departure, are not partisan fodder but the pillars of sovereignty; at its most basic level, the question for the nation is whether we wish to remain one.”

[NOTE: To view the House Judiciary Committee’s analysis and explanation, please click here.]

Also, here’s a clip from Senator Sessions speaking Thursday in support of American workers:

JEFF SESSIONS: The unemployed exceed job openings in almost every industry in America and we know unemployment is exceedingly high . . . there are six times as many construction as there are job openings. . . . Remember, we are also at a time of this high unemployment, we’re going to be legalizing five million people to take jobs. We get over 200,000 jobs created in a month, it take 180 to 200 just to stay level with the growth of the population of America.
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