America’s Senator Denounces President for ‘Unilateral, Illegal Action’ — aka Executive Amnesty
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Congress is back from its August recess, which mostly means trouble, but at least Senator Jeff Sessions is on the floor with his enlightening remarks.

Regarding the President’s political postponement of amnesty until after the November election, Sessions noted,

“The American people have one chance to have their voice heard. The President is talking about unilateral, illegal action contrary to American law to legalize as many as 5 to 6 million people — and we shouldn’t inject it into the election? And the Democratic senators and other senators who fail to object to that? They should be protected and not be criticized for allowing it to occur? Is that what we’ve gotten to in a democracy? That the President can make this decision and not involve the American people?

What’s particularly disturbing is our Senate Democratic colleagues don’t object to the President carrying out his executive amnesty, unilateral amnesty. They only prefer that the President implement it after the election, after the race is over, so they don’t have to explain it to the people they represent. What’s wrong with the American people being able to influence their government? Is the President above that? Has he reached such a high level of popularity he doesn’t have to worry about what the American people say, think or believe? That he can just advocate and carry out policies based on political deals he’s made with big business and special interests?”

It’s good to have him back.
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