America's Nervous Breakdown Is Due To Cognitive Dissonance From Our Sacralization Of Blacks
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Why does America in the early Biden Era appear to be coming apart at the seams?

One clear reason is because our culture is increasingly based on the sacralization of blacks.

For example, the ruling party has, in all seriousness, transformed itself into what I jokingly called The Black Party.

Thus, we are supposed to treat the late George Floyd as a holy martyr:

But raising any group above criticism just encourages them to behave worse.

And Americans don’t like blacks because they are perfect but because they are (ever so) human.

Thus, America’s Establishment culture at the moment is a little bit like a cult that would declare Shia LaBeouf the perfect being. But Shia keeps behaving like an imperfect human. So ever more frantic rationalizations are required.

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